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    Can anyone share photos or describe what the bouquet looks like that comes with the one love package? In reading various posts it seems like most brides upgrade their flowers. Any advice???Thank you

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    Hi summer01, things have changed I'm sure since we got married in 04 at CSA but there are a bunch of choices for flowers. Mine was pretty simple as we had pink orchids, some greenery and ribbon. I could email you some pix if you like.

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    I was married at CSA on 5/20/11. My bouquet was upgraded. If I could do one thing over, I would have done a real touch bouquet. My floweres were SO LOVELY, but I wish it were larger. The larger ones were wayyyyyy too much money, $150 range and up. Here's a pictureName:  DSC_0374.jpg
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    Here is a picture of mine and my bridesmaids. I wanted something colorful, and picked out the bouquet from a book. You can pretty much pick out whatever you want. I can't remember how much the upgrade was. Between $50 - $75 for mine and I think it was $35 for the bridesmaids. Name:  027.jpg
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    Thank you for sharing the photos, theyflowers are absolutely beautiful. It is so hard to decide. I think i am just going to not worry about it and when I sit down to finalize eveything I will make up my mind. Much easier to make up your mind when you see them in person 26 days till we leave and 30 days till I am married..The excitement is sometimes seems so unbearable. Happy Holidays

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    Here's my bouquet... it was a $60 upgrade and i LOVED it!! Its exactly what i had wanted. It was a good size too, considering the price. Hope this helps!

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