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    Default picture spots at CSS?

    Ok so after reading and re reading post after post on photography and going back and forth our reception photographer had a great idea. Now we are bringing her with us for the same price as using the resort photographer but she's never been here before so we need ideas as to where we should go to take pictures at the resort. Any body have any ideas? Thanks!

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    we did alot of pictures at the mineral grotto, it made for some beautiful shoots, also there is a rock in the water by the mineral pool that makes some nice pictures as well. Send me an email and I can send you the link and password to a photobucket album I have put together

    that can give you and your photographer some ideas.

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    There are so many wonderful photo opps at CSS.

    The beach
    mineral springs
    the archway under the spa
    many spots along the steps and walkways
    top of stairs leading from D block to main beach (ocean in background)
    in front of fitness center, overlooking ocean
    the tree and bench at the pond
    in hammock overlooking ocean

    We walked around the resort before meeting with the photographer and then gave him a list of places we wanted photos taken. He took all the ones we wanted as well as the ones he normally takes. We used Jerome, a resort photographer, and he did an outstanding job.

    If you want to post your email address, I will send you a link to our album.

    Best wishes!
    T.O. & Mia
    CSS - June 17-23, 2011 Weddingmoon!
    CSS - June 19-23, 2012

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    I agree that there are many wonderful places at CSS, to find the ones that speak to you take the tour offered twice daily or just ask the front desk to arrange a tour, they will and when we said it was to get photo ideas they made sure our tour guide was one of the resort photographers!

    Ask Dalton for help setting it up, he will and then tell him the Risley's say "hi"

    you picked a wonderful resort its all beautiful! Congrats.

    I posted a review of Diana Campbell with a link to photos which might give you a few location ideas.

    Have Fun

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    Thanks everybody! Sadly the photographer we took with us turned out to be not so great. I haven't even seen the pictrures yet and I know I'll be dissapointed simply because she took so few. It was such a beautiful place I would've thought it'd be any photographers dream shoot, I mean every where you turn theres a picture oppertunity but My hubby and I came up with all of the ideas for the very few pictures she took.

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    You might be surprised Abbi, the few that she took could be very breathtaking!

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    By so few I mean 66 pictures total, including 2 collages, and 2 pictures of the cake and a picture of the wedding sign and other scenary items. I'm just glad that my husband and I had such an enjoyable time there because Couples made everything perfect! We plan to go back for an anniversarry and then we'll get the pictures we really really wanted and expected. I just hope I'll still be able to fit in my dress for the trash the dress pictures I want! haha

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