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    Default Honeymoon help!!

    My beautiful bride-to-be has left me solely in charge of picking our honeymoon destination for mid-March. Her only rules were, it has to be warm, and I have to be there, lol. As cool as that sounds, I find myself stressing about various resorts. We're in our early 30's, love the option of AN facilities, but also want to enjoy some decent night life. It's been a toss up between various Couples resorts, Hedo 2, and some other resorts that stress the clothing optional side of things, but don't seem to have much in the way of night life. Are the Couples resorts fairly active in the evenings? Is the crowd mostly around our age? I'm not even sure of what questions I should be asking, just looking for some input on not only Couples resorts, but others as well, in comparison. I know I can pick anything and she'll be happy, but I'd just like to know. Thanks everyone.


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    Go to Couples Negril and you will not be dissapointed. It has everything you are looking for.
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    Couples Negril all the way! We are in our 30's too and will be returning for our 3rd trip in a month. There are always people in our age group at CN, and we make friends with at least a handful of couples, regardless of age. For your honeymoon, Couples is perfect, because you finally don't have to worry about anything. It's super-inclusive, which cuts down on a lot of hassles.

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    Stayed at Hedo 2 earlier this year and would be happy to answer any questions you have about the resort. Sent you a friend request, so feel free to msg me.

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    Well Couples and Hedo are very different, so you are kind of comparing Appes and Oranges. So it really depends on what you are looking for and what are your non-negotiables. We went to Hedo and its pretty wild and active with a great party atmosphere. Couples is much more relaxed and romantic, not so much of a party atmosphere although the night club can be fun and the swim up bar can get a little rowdy at times too, but still nothing like Hedo. Other than that the night life is much calmer. Some of the Couples resort have an au natural beach, CSA does not. I actually like CTI's au natural cause its an island off the shore and it has its own bar over there, really cool. Good luck.. either way she will love and appreciate all the effort you are putting into finding the right place for your honeymoon! Congrats!

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    We love CN, and are heading back again in Dec. You certainly can't go wrong with any of the Couples resorts. However, the night life may be a little more slow paced than you are looking for. There are activities in the lounge early in the night, but things wrap up usually before midnight. Everyone seems to be pretty worn out after drinking, playing and sitting in the sun all day long. The lounge will stay open as long as someone is there, but it usually clears out before too late.
    Hedo is good, also. But a totally different vibe. Much younger crowds, and more of a club atmosphere.

    Hope this helps somewhat. Whatever you choose, I'm sure your wife will be thrilled. Just chill out and enjoy. As they say in Jamaica...Irie, mon!!

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    My husband and I (both 24) just got back from CTI on Saturday night. Everything was beautiful. On Monday night they have a beach party, and everynight at the patio they have a band that plays reggae music. It ends around 10:30pm ish. Now, that is early on your typical weekends at home when you go out. But you'll be in the sun, in the water, in the pool, or doing excursions all day. My husband and I passed out right after the show everytime! The sun definitely takes the energy out of you.

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    Thanks so much everyone! Still kind of a toss up right now, but I'm definitely leaning towards Couples. Now the big decision is CN or CTI. I've heard that there's a AN hot tub at Negril that can be used at night...guessing there's no skinny dipping options at CTI is there? Maybe there is if everyone is in bed early, lol.

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