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    I took my Kindle with me the last time we went to CN and hubby had our digital camera. We left everything in the bag when we went into the water, walked down the beach and even when we went out on the jet-skis and NOTHING was touched!!

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    I like to read Clive Cussler books as well as Clancy. So if it is a book I am reading it will be one by one of those authors. Actually I usually take 4 books and finish the 4th one on the flight home after 9 nights. I will also have something on my Ipod to listen to as well. Usually something about history, as of now I am listening to A Dawn Like Thunder. It is a true story of torpedo squadron 8 during the war in the Pacific. I like to listen to the true stuff and read the fictional.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LiiziD View Post
    When we were at CTI last January we loved reading the day away!
    I really enjoyed "The Help" this summer
    I just finished "Sarah's Key" - excellent altho' very sad
    One of my all time fav's "The Glass Castle"!

    Thanks for all the suggestions - time to get my reading list organized! Hubby-to-be already has a big bag full of new books for our next trip to CTI ~ 78 sleeps!!! Yeeeeeeee

    LiziiD I think we are Book Buddies!! All of those are my absolute faves! I also really enjoyed The Secret Life of Bees. For some historyish - The other Bolen Girl was wonderful! 110 days to go!!!

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    We just returned from 8 days at CN. I read "The Gold Coast" by Nelson Demille (after having read the sequel "The Gate House" this summer), and "The Sixth Man" by David Baldacci. My wife read "The Help", "True Blue" by David Baldacci, a James Patterson book she picked up at the lending library at CN and started on "The Gold Coast". Noticed that a bunch of people were reading "The Help" or "The Hunger Games" series. We spent probably 6 hours a day reading/napping on the beach and sitting by the pool, so bring enough books to fill your stay!

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    We like stocking up on used books at the library sale 2-3 weeks before coming here. $1 apiece for paperbacks. And then we just leave them in the game room at CN for others to enjoy. It also frees up space and weight for the rum and coffee we take home.

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    The Elegant Universe - B. Greene. Went into the first part of it at CN.

    Also started Count of Monte Cristo - never realized that is one darn long novel.

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    "My Lovely Wife"... in the hard copy braille version of course

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    Last time at CN I 'read' one of Butcher's Dresden series and started Joe Abercrombie's The Heroes. If I were going this month I would definitely be 'reading' Stephen King's "11/22/63" ... comes out next week and I've been looking forward to it!

    The reason I say, "reading" is that when in Jamaica I listen to Audible books on my iphone rather than carry books around. I can get LOTS of books on it (as my wife does her Kindle) but the real bonus is that I can enjoy by books while gazing out at the blue water, the white sand, the palm tress.... while strolling around the grounds, while sitting in the hot tub, while floating on a raft (waterproof case), and even with my eyes closed if I want. Doing it this way allows me to enjoy my book and the scenery all at once... best of both worlds!
    Audio books are not always perfect due to the reader (at times) but I love them and recommend them for travel, especially at the beach!

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    Cindi, You're probably already on the beach but if not, may I make a suggestion. Although I don't know you or what you prefer to read, I'll go with a common denominator, that we're women. So you must read "Angry Housewives Eating Bon Bons." It's an easy read and very entertaining.

    Have a great trip! Erica

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    Well I just loved The Help so maybe our taste co-incides. If so these suggestions might work for you.

    My Fave Books read in 2011

    The Master & Margarita - Mikhail Bulgakov - classic funny and weird Russian book - banned for years but known and quoted by every Muscovite - reread it recently on a work trip to Moscow and everyone there commented on it

    True Grit - Charles Portis - read for the first time this year and no I had not seen either film- really interesting mix of history and plot

    The Long Song - Andrea Levy - set in C18 Jamaica and I read it last year on the beach at CSA - couldn't put it down

    Last Rituals - Ysra Sigurdartottir - Icelandic crime story - properly thrilling and she has written more in the series which I also enjoyed

    The Eyre Affair - Jasper Fforde - seriously weird but a real hoot - a must for fans of Jane Eyre with a sens of humour

    One Day - David Nicholls - obviously!

    Eat Pray Love - Elizabeth Gilbert - again a bit obvious but I only read and loved it this year

    Kolymsky Heights - Lionel Davidson - my husband loved this spy thriller too

    Half of a Yellow Sun - Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie - totally powerful novel about Nigeria and Biafra ( but don't let that put you off) - just riveting

    Worst Book ( forced to try it by my book club)

    Orlando - Virginia Woolfe - absolute pretentious carp!

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