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    Default CSS, CTI, or CN for young honeymooners??

    My fiance and I are looking into booking our honeymoon to a Couples Resort in Jamaica for next June. However, we are having a hard time deciding which resort to go to.

    We are young and very sociable. We enjoy being around others and want to have the option of a nightlife with fun things to do, but also want a romantic feel. In addition, I would love a pretty beach and good views. My fiance is all about the food, but I have heard the food is good at all the resorts.

    Where do most young honeymooning couples go? Or where do people suggest going?


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    Going through the exact same scenario here! You've stated exactly what me and my fiance are looking for as well. Was worried about the lack of nightlife, and are still actually considering Hedo because of that. However, I had a lot of responses to my post, so I'm leaning back towards on of the Couples resorts. I've HEARD that CTI has a younger crowd with a little more nightlife, and the AN island is certainly intriguing. When are you planning on going?? Wherever we go, we plan on getting there on March 20th for a week. Sorry I wasn't more help, but if you ever wanted to message about which one you pick and why, we'd love to hear from ya!


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    There isn't a particular resort that caters to or draws particular age groups. Regardless of your age, different things appeal to different people. What might appeal most to you might not appeal most to another person of your age.

    Spend some time on the web site reviewing what each resort has to offer, then select the resort that appeals to you the most. There is a mix of ages at all four resorts.
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    CSA all the way!

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    I think we were all after the "nightlife" when looking at Couples the first time. Rob and I are normally nightowls and we love a good party.

    Then....reality sunk in....

    After the first night at the resort and the endorphins and andrenalin from traveling wear off, and the day full of sun and fresh air and booze, One finds one's schedule changing. Next thing you know, you are waking up at 6-7am and your eyes get droopy by midnight. Head back to the room for mattress gymnastics and before you know it, its 7am again and time to do all that fun stuff all over again.

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    Don't know about the OR resorts (CTI and CSS), but I would strongly consider CN. I'm totally biased, but all of the 20- and 30-somethings that we've met there, including us, have absolutely loved it, and probably won't visit the others (except a trading places day at CSA), because it is soooo perfect. I'm sure that any of the resorts will be awesome, but, again, I'm a huge CN guy. Enjoy!

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    My hubby and I got married at CTI in August of this year. We picked it because the rooms were CLOSEST to the beach. Our room was literally about 50 yards from the breaking waves. Views...AMAZING!

    I do not believe any of the other resorts offer that.

    We LOVED the options to be social with others or be alone, like at the Buddha Pool in the spa or one of the hot tubs as well. There was always something going on at CTI if you wanted to join in.

    The age groups vary at all the resorts.

    CTI is my vote. Hubby and I are heading back there next year.
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    Can't speak to the Negril resorts, but will have to say that if you are looking to party more, CTI over CSS. CSS more romantic, but quiet and had an older crowd when we went. CTI is also romantic, but in our experience, has a more rowdy and younger crowd than CSS. The Island is a unique experience, though SSB has better AN amenities. Neither resort had a fist pumping nightlife as most couples there make their own nightlife. Both have wonderful staff and food, and really, you can't go wrong at either unless you are expecting a H-- atmosphere.

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    All the resorts are great.

    If you are looking for the best beach out of the three, it would be CN.

    If you are looking for off resort night life then CN is the place.

    If you are looking for the most private AN, then CTI.

    Most romantic is CSS, but it has lots of stairs.

    Best night life at resort, all of them. The problem with night life is you spend all day in the sun drinking and eating to much, so you just want to go to sleep at night because you are tired.
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