I've been reading on the site about getting a resort photographer for your trip. A couple of questions about that. 1) what's the fee? 2) how long do they follow you? Is it for a particular hour/day or random shots throughout the stay? We are going for our 10 year anniversary and would live more than self-portrait style shots of the both of us together.

Second question is regarding excursions. We are going to be staying at CTI in June and def want to do Dunn's Falls as well as other things. I know its beat to do Dunns Falls on the weekends vs the weekday - is that true? I've heard from other websites when reading reviews that zip lining, mountain biking and other adventure trips/tours possibly are available. How do we get information on the excursions that the resort doesn't include? Do we pay/book for them prior and what about getting to and from?

Thank you for all your help!