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    Default Any fellow heads out here?

    Me and My Fiancee will be going to the caribian for our first time on our honeymoon from december 4th-12th 2012 to CSA. We had some friends from up here who went down there and said they had a blast. I know its a shot in the dark, but was just looking to maybe meet up with some other music lovers out there who are into the jam scene. Our personal favorite is the String Cheese Incident, but we love some Phish, Dead, and STS9 to name a few.

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    Hello fellow deadhead, looks like we will overlap by only 1 day as we fly out on the 5th.

    I am sure you will have a good regardless. Take a walk down the beach and you never know who you would run into. Try Margaritaville you may see a few deadheads there.

    Here is a link to a interesting read:

    You may also try posting on TA board.

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    Man, that would be amazing if further played Jamaica! I would have to change my dates for sure if that happened.

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