Randy - After almost 20 years and as many visits to Couples CTI we finally had the pleasure of meeting you at the repeaters dinner 2 weeks ago! What a fantastic evening, 8 Rivers was the fullest we've seen it, over 90 covers we believe. Wow, all those repeaters, all of them as addicted to the aphrodisiac qualities of Couples, each and every one of them hooked on the joys that only Couples can inspire! Moving speeches by both you and Leonard Henry, truly emotion-stirring.

Now we're home we are frantically trying to piece together a plan to return for the anniversay at CTI in January, only 12 weeks from now woo-hoo! Might we be blessed enough to see you again?

Couples is our home, the staff are our dearest family, we look forward to growing old(er) with you

Dave & Alison Tuckett. UK.

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