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    Default New Years for first timers


    We will be at CN, Dec 25 - Jan 3. This is our first time to Jamaica and to an AI in a very long time. We have been all over the caribbean just not here.

    I have read nothing but great things about this place but do have some questions.

    Does anyone have an idea of what to expect on New Years Eve. I did a search before posting this but could not really find anything recent on CN. Any info would be great. Do they have a party on the beach, dressy, casual???

    We are going to book the private transfer from the airport, any input on this?

    We run a business so need to bring our laptop with us just to handle a few things each morning. How is the WIFI in the Beachfront units? If not good, would a HOT SPOT work if I bring one or would I need to go to an internet type place at the resort? Any info on this would be greatly appreciated.

    Any other good advice for CN Newbies, would be appreciated.


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    We were at CN last year for New Years. They had a 'Old Hollywood' New years Eve party. You saw everything from dressy, dressy to casual - it is held in the main area by the pool so not in a resteraunt. They also had appetizers and drinks up in the main lobby before dinner, which was very nice. They had an amazingly HUGE buffett of food from curried goat to lobster tail and it was all amazing. They had two bands and everyone danced the night away. They let off sky lanterns at midnight and had "2011" written in candles on the beach.
    We stayed in a Beachfront Suite and had not problem with wi-fi connection. We had our laptop as well and skyped with the kids from our room every day.

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    Hello Huckens and Thanks so much for the great info. We are pretty psyched for this trip so any info is appreciated. I am glad we will not have to worry about the's bad enough we have to bring work with us even if only for an hour or so a day!
    The New Years Eve bash sounds amazing. We always do the beach thing but mostly just the two of us or with a few friends. Sounds like it will be great fun. I'm glad it is outside as that is where we want to be when the clock strikes...toes in the sand for sure!
    Thanks again!

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    Why the private transfer? You are already paying for it and the transfer on the Boston is really a breeze.

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    I hate these android phones sometimes! I meant to type that you are already paying for the bus transfer, you will pay a fortune for a private transfer. You won't save any time unless you are taking the puddle jumper. The Couples transfer is really convenient.

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