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    Default Ocean Front Verandah at CSA

    Sorry...if this question has already been asked in the past but I haven't seen any posted recently. How are the Ocean Front Verandahs at CSA??? My hubby and I will be staying there the last week of May and have booked an OFV. Originally we were going to go a different week and stay in the Great House Verandah (because it was the cheapest), but then we had to change our week and the only rooms available were the Atrium, Garden & Ocean. So, after ruling out the Atrium (no t.v.), the Garden (close to road), we went with the Ocean Front. Hopefully, we made the right decision!! Any hoo, I'm sooo excited to be returning to Jamaica for our 3rd trip and staying at a Couples resort for the 2nd time (1st time at Couples Negril)...that really I don't care where I sleep!! Thanks for your future inputs!! Maybe I'll see some of you there!!

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    We've stayed at CSA 4 times, always the OFV suite. The BFVS have the best views from your veranda but lack privacy you may want at times . The GVS too close to the road and you will ocasionally hear traffic on Norman Manley Blvd. The Great House does not have the same feel or ambiance of any of the other room categories. You definitely made a good choice.

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    There is no "ocean front verandah" rooms, they are called "ocean verandah" and there are rooms called "beachfront verandah". I think you must have the "ocean verandah"... it is not on the beach like the beachfront rooms, but most have a nice view of the ocean. We have stayed in the Ocean Verandah rooms and they are terrific... you'll be very happy with them, they have the tv and still are very close to the beach.

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    If you liked CN, I think that you will love CSA! Just want to clarify, though, your room category. There is a Beachfront Verandah Suite Category and an Ocean Verandah Suite category. I'm not sure which one you have since there isn't an "Ocean Front" category. Having said that, though, they are almost the identical room, except for the location. The BFVS rooms are literally directly on the beach path. The OVS rooms are the block of rooms located behind the BFVS rooms.

    We primarily have stayed in the BFVS rooms and love them! There is nothing like enjoying a continential breakfast on our verandah as we watch the resort wake up. We also enjoy watching the sunset from our verandah. We like the third floor rooms, because they have the best views. Once when we had a second floor room, we had a spectacular view of the Caribbean, but there was a palm tree that blocked our view of the sunset.

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    They are called ocean verandahs. Don't want you to expect oceanfront. You will get a partial view. They are tucked behind the beachfront verandah suites and only a minute or two walk to the beach. You will love Swept Away.

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    Default No problem mon

    My wife and I stayed in an OFV this past May and it was great! As for the TV, we spent very little time actually in our room. If I have the chance to do it again, I will probably get the least expensive room I can. We only used it to sleep, for the bathroom, and to get dressed. Most of the time you are at CSA you will be out and about anyway. I would agree w/avoiding the Garden b/c of the proximity to the road.

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    Just wanted to correct myself on this thread before others did....I meant Ocean Verandah Suite not Ocean Front Verandah...I realized that mistake soon after I clicked the Post Thread button...

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    The OVS is a lovely room choice. Since you were gravitating toward the "new" side anyway, this will give you
    the benefit of being close to the action (swim-up bar, Feathers, Patois, Cabana Grill, shops, Aura Lounge,
    Computer Lounge) while being away from the road and also having TV....And BTW, we actually love watching the Jamaican channels when we're getting ready for dinner!

    Please don't think that you'll have a full ocean view from this room, as this may not be totally the case....this category typically has at least a partial view of the water, but palms/foliage may get in your way.

    The only negative I can think of, is that we like to get up at about 5:00AM and go to the Palms for a carafe of
    coffee and sit on our verandah and watch the morning come to'll just have a bit of a longer walk if that's your cup of (coffee), but that's not such a bad thing....

    Enjoy the magic of CSA!!!!

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    Hi jbrooks,
    We've stayed in the Ocean Verandah Suites and they are fine but don't expect an ocean view. You might get lucky and have a view of the beach from between the Beachfront Verandah Suite buildings. We didn't spend much time in the room except to sleep, shower or change our clothes so it didn't mean that much to us. This year we've booked a Garden Verandah Suite and with the windows closed the road won't bother us at all. The garden, ocean and beachfront rooms are all the same, nice and look just like they do in the pictures on the website so enjoy your stay in paradise, aka CSA!

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    When you check in ask for an OVS that is the most close to the center of the resort. The ones right in front of the hot tub is the perfect location. Then see if they have any corner rooms available. This give you a window on the side and out on the verandah it is open on two sides. I think either a 3rd or 1st floor room would afford you the best view. We stayed in a 3rd floor corner room and it was perfect. If you want privacy, go for the 3rd floor. You can always ask at check-in for the OVS that's available with the best view. You are going to love CSA and the OVS rooms. Good luck.

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