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    Default Age groups at CSA and room query please ~ and hi

    Hi ~ we have just booked CSA for October 2012 9th to 23rd and are sooooo excited already. We are going via Virgin Holidays and the allocated room is a Great House Verandah. Can we request a specific one on arrival or is it luck of the draw ? I'm not fussy as they all look great but just as little concerned about road noise that I have seen comments about on another site. If we can request does anyone have any advice?

    Also, We are 50ish and are hoping that the resort isn't too young and gorgeous for us. I am so looking forward to lounging on the beach but don't want to scare anyone

    Can't tell you how mad I'm driving my husband with talking about this holiday already ~ poor man will need the rest when we get there

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    We are returning for our 6th trip to CSA in 10 days! We are 50 ish also. You will not feel out of place at all. You will have the greatest time! We always get the Garden Verandah. If there is road noise we don't hear it. We put on the AC and are so tired from all we have done all day, we fall fast asleep. It is really the luck of the draw. We haven't had a bad room yet. Try to sign up for the Romance Rewards. You will be able to do the trading places to CN for a day. We always enjoy doing that for a change of scenery.

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    I'm 39 and not so gorgeous, does that help? lol

    My understanding is that they will do the best they can to accommodate your wishes on a room when you arrive, but not ahead of time. I have read that October is not a busy month though....

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    The anniversary weekend at CSA is the Friday before you arrive, so the resort still may be more full then usual when you arrive on October 9. Since you are there for 2 weeks, if there is a problem with the first room , change when another is available. In 3 trips to CSA, I have loved every room I have received ! Age wise, as long as you are young at heart, you will LOVE CSA!

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    Hi Joolzb

    Great that you've booked for Couples October 2012, but if you want to get up front and talk to Couples guests repeat guests before you go, just think of how much information you can get from us why not think about coming to the UK Couples Party i am trying to put together for next Easter Saturday 7th April in London. Thinking about a lunch time cruise on the Thames.
    More information on it and confirmation in November so look out for an update.
    you can contact me on:

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    Thank you all for your replies. I'm like a kid in a sweet shop and can't wait to go now!

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    When you get to CSA ask for your preference of rooms. If they have it available, you'll get it. I haven't stayed in the Greathouse Verandah Suites, but just ask for the room with a view of the resort that isn't above the lounge. You are going to love CSA and you will see couples of all ages. You will also see every type of body that is out there. Have a blast. You chose the right resort. CSA is awesome.

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