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    Default I am NOT looking forward to vacation...

    It's only about 4 and a half months until our next vacation and I can't seem to get the least bit excited. The reason? We're not going to Couples, we're going on a cruise with my family. Don't get me wrong, it was a wonderful gesture on my mother's part to take us all on vacation, but I wish we were going to Couples instead. Here she said she was going to pay to take us all on a cruise, but she's only paying for the room on the boat. If me and my husband do nothing else, just the cost of our airfare and hotels at the front and back-end of the stay are going to cost us more out of pocket than my mom paid for the boat. Not to mention, every single little thing costs on a cruise. If you want a floatie for the ocean at their private island, it'll cost $10. Ridiculous!!! I could kind of understand the charge if it was something that could easily be stolen, but I don't really think you could sneak something like that back on the boat. Thank God we have a Couples vacation booked for the end of next year. That's the only thing keeping me sane right now! I knew Couples was as great value after experiencing CSA last year, but this cruise is solidifying it even more in my mind that I don't want to vacation anywhere else. December 23, 2012 and CTI can't get here fast enough!

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    I can relate... We've done 20 cruises, and a bunch of friends wanted to do a cruise next April.... When I heard that, my heart dropped! Usually I get excited when I hear the word cruise, not this time. I researched and came across Couples! Good thing is we're going in April, bad thing, only 1 or 2 couples are joining us. OH WELL!!

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    I understand how you feel, however a family vacation is priceless. Enjoy your family while you can, life is too short.

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    We don't cruise anymore because of the high out-of-pocket costs, especially drinks. If we drank what we would have at a one week vacation at couples, our bar tab would easily go over $500 or more. And we mostly just drink beer.

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    I understand the feeling, but try to enjoy a different vacation. :-)

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    I assume your Mom is in her later years. Go spend time with you Mom on her trip, it means a lot to her. Look for a low cost airline or drive to boat, low cost motels before and after, and watch your spending. Maybe with all the saving you could do a 4 day trip to the Couples of your choice. Save & Save and watch the Wednesday specials.

    Couples is Great, but the Mom and Dad is something even more special. (Sorry Randy) As we get older, we understand they will not be with us forever. Time with them today is all we have.

    One Love
    Irie Mon

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    Go enjoy your family. I wish I would have spent more time with my dad before he passed away. I agree with you on all the extra costs of a cruise, but I'm sure you'll have fun and you know you are already booked for a Couples vacation. I'd be ecstatic to have 2 vacations planned. Most people don't even get 1 good vacation a year. Be thankful and have fun!

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