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    Default Late May to early June 2012?

    Hi! My fiance (Katy) and I are heading to CSS for our Honeymoon May 28-June 2. Anyone else? I'm hoping for a wonderfully relaxing time. We are a tad hesitant as we are a same-sex couple but I've heard great things about the inclusion of the resorts! (Understood to keep it low key while on the island in general). So excited!!

    Hope to see you there!!


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    My husband,I, and our best friends will be there then!So glad Couples takes same sex couples.Had heard a few years ago that was not the case and felt bad about booking t there.Ally here

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    My husband I are going from May 26th-June 2nd! We will be renewing our vows on May 31st!

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    Lol>> I just notice that we have been chatting on two seperate threads>>> Hahahaha must have been all the cold weather getting to my brain!!!

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