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    Default Question about Photography CD

    My husband and I were married at Swept Away last week and purchased a CD with photos of our wedding. We have tried the CD in 2 different computers and took the CD to a photo center in a local store and we are unable to retrieve any of the pictures on the CD. Has anyone else had this problem or know if a special program is required on the computer to allow the pictures to show? We spent a lot of money on the CD and it is discouraging to not be able to get the pictures. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    We were there last week as well, and I noted that the files were simple .jpg files that should be easy to open. We haven't tried ours yet, but now you've got me concerned... I'll try when I get home!

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    My brother-in-law who works in IT checked out the CD and it is definitely...BLANK!!! I called the couples office in Florida and they are forwarding my email address to the person in charge of photography at Swept Away. Hopefully, this will be taken care of appropriately and I will have my WEDDING pictures in a timely manner. Just kind of frustrating, because my credit card was already charged and I have nothing to show for it!!! Plus, I want to be able to show off my pics! Hope you have better luck than we did!

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    Well, I popped in our CD and everything seems to work fine. There is a lot of fluff on the CD, including a slideshow program, and a number of folders containing the graphics for that program, thumbnails of your photos and such. The folder you are interested is the one titled "images".

    To get at this folder, place the disk into your drive and wait for your operating system to ask what you would like to do. Click on the option that allows you to browse or explore the disk. Alternatively, you can close this dialogue and open the My Computer tab and select your DVD drive.

    You should be all set; if not, then try another PC or laptop and try again. If this doesn't help... I'm afraid you need more help, or something happened in the burn process. Question... did the attendant at the photo desk actually open a session on the disk to show you that they were there? She did this for us, just to show us that they were there... a procedural thing, I believe.

    Hope that helps...

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    pobski -

    Wishing you luck... let us know how it goes...

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    OMG I hope you get your pictures soon!!!!! Wishing you luck also!!!

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    Chris, We renewed our vows at CTI Oct 20th. Initially I could not open the CD either using MS software. I do have PhotoShop and it did open the pictures. Once I saved then to C I could open them as normal.
    I'm not an ITer but this worked for us. Ed & Lynn

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