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    Default Should I bring my own pillow?

    Both my wife and I have had some issues with the comfort level of pillows that are offered at the different resorts that we've stayed at. So......we're wondering if we should bring our own pillow from home. We are staying at CN in January, so any suggestions would be gladly excepted.

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    We wanted to bring our pillow from CTI home with us, and even noted the manufacturer to attempt to buy them stateside. If they're the same at CN, I can't imagine finding them uncomfortable.

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    My wife always takes her own pillow everywhere... Except to CN! The bedding is very comfortable. No need to bring a pillow.

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    I have some neck issues and ALWAYS travel with my pillow better be safe than sorry
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    I LOVED the pillows at CSA... I want one for home just like it!

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    I sleep better at CN than at home! Very comfortable beds and pillows!

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    The pillows are very comfortable, but if you need something special, you should bring it. I always travel with my own pillow.

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    I brought my pillow to CSA. Not sure if it was the pillows or the bed, but it was the best sleep I have ever had. I'll bring my pillow next trip too - too worried I won't sleep without it!

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    after staying at CTI i went and bought myself a new, rather pricey pillow... I realized on the trip that a lot of the back pain i experience at home might be related to the pillows i was using.... my pain hasn't completely vanished, but it's decreased a good bit... i've since realized that much of the remaining pain may be due to stress, so now i'm considering moving to CTI

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