My wife and I will be arriving at CN for the 5th consecutive year on November 25th. In years past we have always used Tim Air to fly back and forth between Sangster and Negril. Since our visit last year International Airlink has begun offering both scheduled and charter flights between Sangster and Negril. In comparing the two options today, the cost of International Airlink's scheduled service, based on round-trip for two, is about $16 USD less per person per leg than Tim Air's not-so-scheduled service. Are there any folks out there who've experienced both options and would offer thoughts or comaprisons?

Considering that $64 isn't really much money and that we've always had good experiences with Tim Air (and ususally Curtis :-) in the past, I'm leaning to just sticking with them again. I'm also not crazy about having a scheduled departure time with International Airlink when we're forced to rely on US Airways to get us to MBJ on time. But I'm a little curious about what others may have experienced. We'll appreciate any info. Thanks!