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    Default first timers needing info!!

    We are looking for a trip in April to one of the couples resorts. We have never been out of the states, and I have never booked anything. Is it better to go thru a travel agency or just buy tickets/ passes online? Also We are both in our very early 30s, and I can't figure out which one to go to?? Everyone has their personal favorites...... I'm leaning for C negril, but I dunno. We are both very adventurous, and would like to find people our age, or at least more of a fun atmosphere! Not to be rude, we just don't want to be around a lot of prudes while we are on vacation!!!! Also..... Which one has the best nude beach? Thanks ahead of time for any information!!!

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    I'm detecting a couple of undertones to your message that indicate that Couples may just not be your thing. Couples is for couples in love, and I don't doubt your motives in that regard. But our experience has been that folks at Couples are very non-judgemental about the attitudes of others, including the level of "adventure" they may (or not) be interested in.

    You'll find any of the four Couples resorts to be fun. Three of them have AN areas (SweptAway does not), all of which are managed with due discretion. Those who chose not to participate in the AN scene (I suspect them to be in the majority) are not perceived as prudes... they're simply disinterested.

    You'll also find any of the four resorts to cater to, and be enjoyed by, couples of all ages, from barely twenties newly weds to seasoned December romancers; these demographics find connections across the age spectrum as they enjoy the sun, surf and amenities of Couples resorts.

    If this is what you're really looking for, congratulations... you've come to the right place!

    Good luck on your selection!

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    My husband and I are in our early 30's and we have enjoyed both CN and CTI. Couples resorts host guest of a wide age range but most seem to be "young at heart" so age really hasnt been a factor for us. Our experiences however have been different at CN as opposed to CTI.

    At CN is was more romantic and quite. At CTI is was more social and lively. That was our experience - both great.

    If you are looking for one of the properties with the best nude beach CN would not be my first choice. While nothing compares to the beach on the Negril side, the nude facilities at CN are not very private and for some reason the area is not as condusive to socializing. I would recommend CTI or CSS if you are looking to socialize and partake in the A/N facilities.

    Hope this helps.

    We are heading back to CTI 12/2/11...can't wait!

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    We have done both...booked with an online agent as well as booking our rooms and flights separately. We've done this because usually we like to go for 10 days and not too many agents offer that timeframe. We've always gone to CN....our 4th visit is a mere 98 days away. There is alot to do at CN; the age ranges from young honeymooners to couples in their 70s. The nude beach is on the public beach; surrounded on 3 sides by shrubs. Tower Isle has an island just for nude bathing. I think you would love any CN resort.

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    Couples Negril all the way! We're in the same age group with the same sentiments and are getting ready to go back for our 3rd trip in 2 1/2 weeks! If you can, book through a travel agent... it should be cheaper.

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    First time traveling internationally, I would suggest a travel agent. The agent can take care of everything including the travel insurance.
    As far as the resorts, you are right everyone has their favorites. It depends on what is your biggest priorities; long beaches, more opportunities for surrounding activities, AN facilities etc...

    My observation is that the best beaches will be the Negril side and also other activities Rick's, the pool, catamaran. CSA does not have AN, CN does but more laid back

    Ocho Rios is my favorite though. CTI gets more of a younger crowd it seems, there's Dunns River Falls and catamaran and more hotel environment. There is also the island for AN (smaller pool though) and limited hours. CSS is more spread out resort type, very beautiful and built into the rock hills. There is also Dunn's but no catamaran at resort. AN facilities are probably the best with nice pool and beach.

    All have beach parties and galas that are very fun.

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