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    It's time to get back to Couples because 'THERE'S NO PLACE LIKE HOME!!!!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Boomer49 View Post
    It's time to get back to Couples when:
    You are missing a "Dirty Banana" and your toes in the sand and the sounds of the waves so pop the top on a Banana Slim-fast and stick your feet in the cat litter box, and turn on the tap.............
    Trust me NOT THE SAME, besides it pisses off the cat!!!...
    Oh my gosh that is hilarious!! Thanks for the laugh.

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    because....... the real world sucks !!!
    Proud palapa hoarder since 2007 !!!

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    Default its time to get back to couples because

    It is time to get back to couples because....
    the local 7-11 has banned you from entering because you refused to pay for your purchase until the clerk stated "CCCCIIIIGGGGAAAARRRREEEETTTTTTTTEEEESSSS, CIGGAARRS, CIGGAARRS. Its gonna be HOT HOT HOT, HOT. "
    I would much rather pay the mohawk.....
    I miss home....

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    We are ready to see all our great friends we have made at CSA.

    hurry up April 8th , we are ready to return Home.

    Chris & Paul

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    It's time to get back to Couples because:
    After only one visit, and two hours, you were already starting to think about another visit...
    After dealing with a broken office network for the first 3 hours of your day, and things still weren't working completely correct at 6pm, you really want to stretch out in the sun at the Isle. But, it's 32F and dark out...
    You miss the constant "respect mon" and "Hey, how are you, everything OKs?" from the staff...

    CTI first trip Nov 2011
    CTI return visit in 558 days!!!!

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