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    Default Clothes for first timers

    Hi ,
    Wondering what clothes are needed for our CN trip in 2 weeks! I want to pack as little as possible. Can a man wear cargo pants for the dinner at night? And is a simple sundress with sandals ok for women? Does it get chilly at night? Thanks

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    Cargo, long, khakis will work at any restaurant, but bring some boat shoes for the "nice" restaurant.

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    Yes.. only one restaurant requires Men to wear nicer clothes. No open toe shoes. My husband usually wears a nice pair of Khaki pants and a shirt with a collar. I pack sundresses, and dress them up with shoes and jewelry when wearing them at night. I always take a light sweater. Some of the restaurants are air conditioned and sometimes very chilly. For Day time - -you are in your bathing suits all day.. I just bring a coverup and my husband wears a t-shirt when we get lunch.

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    Here is a post from last week on this topic:

    "The dress code only applies to restaurants. During the day, swimwear is acceptable for either of the restaurants, Beach Grill and Cassava Terrace. Both are open-air restaurants. At night, Lychee, Cassava Terrace (buffet by day, a la carte by night), and Heliconia (Beach Grill by day) are resort casual, which means shorts (or jeans), shirts, and sandals are acceptable for both men and women. No swimwear allowed at night. Shirts and shoes must be worn. Otaheite, which is the only "reservations required" restaurant at CN, requires men to be in collared shirt, pants, and closed-toe shoes. Women are usually pretty good about deciding what outfits fall into these categories, but, as a reference, a sundress is acceptable pretty much anywhere at night, and the closed-toe shoes are not required for ladies. I bring one pair of long pants and casual dress shoes for Otaheite and she brings a nicer dress and shoes for that night (we usually eat there only once). Other than that, it's shorts, sandals, and polos or resort-style button-ups for the other nights. I don't think we ever wear anything but a swimsuit until at least 5p on any given day. Hope that helps!"

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    Hi - I am packing differently than I ever have this year because of the weather in Ocho Rios last Dec. We went to Couples Sans Souci and I froze. Mind you, I am cold all the time, but they had really freaky cold weather - one day it was only 14 celsius. Every breakfast I froze. I had my beach cover up on and would have given any thing to have had a pair of sweat pants. We were there for 2 weeks and I had only brough one sweater - white, at that! I wore it every evening. We are staying at CN this year for 2 weeks, leaving Dec. 3rd. I have been watching the weather and it has been beautiful - very very hot - even early a.m. and in the evenings BUT I am still packing my sweat pants and 3 sweaters. My suggestion is be prepared for cool weather, but you and I won't need any of those warm clothes cause it will be hot hot hot! I do recommend bringing a few sweaters for the evening and a sweat jacket for the early morns, JUST IN CASE. Sundresses are perfect. Cargo pants? Sure, but my husband also brings a pair of dress pants. Plus, men can wear nice walking shorts at some of the restaurants for dinner. Enjoy. The weather is going to be perfect

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    Pack what you think you will need. Add one or two more bathing suits and then take half of everything else out of your suitcase, zip it up, set it by the back door and you are officially packed!

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    Packing light is a great idea. How long will you be there? I recommend light slacks and a collared shirt (can be short sleeve) for the man and men need closed toes shoes for Feathers. A sundress and nice sandals (n0t flip flops) is fine for the woman. I recommend you pack these in your carry-on (see my response to your other question). You will need 2-3 swim suits though, because with the humidity, they take more than a day to dry.

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    I just signed on to ask the same question. We leave in about three weeks.

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    Hi lynnsfit, We are both the same with the suitcases. It pays to spend a lil extra time at home trying everything on, to save room. Sundress and sandals are fine for the ladies, but they like to see the men in collared shirts, dress pants and closed shoes. We found it quite warm at night , so a thin sweater should be more then enough. You gonna love CN. !!!! We are leaving in 2 weeks as CSS this time.

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    Take little clothing. I have been to Cn 5 times. My suitcase gets more room every year. A few sundresses, a nice pair of flip flops or sandles for the dinners and you are good to go. If you want to go to the Othietie resturant, your husband will need long pants, closed toe shoes and a shirt with a collar. Just relize you will be in your swim suit most of the times. Unless you wanna go to a few trips off resort.
    One Love,

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    Wow! Thank you everyone for all of your advice!! Big help! Woo hoo can't wait till dec. 2!!!!

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