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    Default CTI - I will Sue Couples Resort

    Hi Everyone. Just completed a 6 day stay at CTI and wish to inform everyone including Randymon that I will be claiming compensation.

    Despite reading loads of information and some coming from Randy I was not warned of the outcome from my Couples Holiday which has resulted in me taking legal action for the following reasons:

    I am required to attend slimming classes due to the
    beautiful food which I was offered and could not refuse, morning, noon and night. Under the cloud of darkness I was enticed into such restaurants as Verandah, Eight Rivers, Bayside and Patio. I could not refuse such lovely food and during the day those smoothies and sweet potatoe chips at the veggie bar.

    The Red Flag Procedure for ordering drinks on the beach does not appear to work when I got home.

    I have tried to say the Jamican greetings including the handshakes to everyone I have meet back home (strangers included) but I have ended up with 2 black eyes.

    I have also tried to copy the 76 year old Croc Man and his moves but I have ended up with a broken leg

    I have also tried to copy the guy who did the fire act but I nearly burnt my house and finally

    Due to my trips to the island, I have started to remove my clothes as I am walking down the main road back home but the police have arrested me twice.

    Sorry Randy you are responsible will see you in courtt.

    Any excuse for me to get back home in Paradise

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    Uh, well, um...

    Diet, alcohol reduction, stay out of the sun, quit trying to learn Jamaican Patois. Court Adjourned.

    We look forward to welcoming you home again soon.

    Couples Resorts

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    Very cute & good for a great laugh! You scared me there for a moment!

    One love

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    Irishman69 Thank you for the laugh! The worst is yet to come. You must try to overcome the withdrawls. I must also warn you that Couples is addicting and you WILL soon feel the overwhelming need to book your next trip! You are now forewarned! We are counting the days until we "come home" to CTI...172 days to be exact.
    Bonnie & Jon

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    CSA 2009, 2014 [20th anniversary]
    CSS 2010
    CN 2011
    CTI 2017 [50th birthday & 23rd anniversary], 2019 [25th anniversary]

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    Very funny!!
    I feel like suing them too .....for their over-efficiency!!
    We missed our shuttle bus to the airport...we were still on the beach saying our goodbyes....but bugger me if they didn't arrange another wretched bus to get us there on time!!
    Disgusting behaviour don't you think????
    We were starting to come to terms with the awful news that we might have to spend another week at CSA!!! What could be worse???

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    this sounds like a class action law suit... hundreds if not thousands have been impacted...

    we demand justice!

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    Nice!! That was great!!! 44 days......

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    I was a little worried at first but I want to say thanks for a great post!

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    I loved it!

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    Default Can we say attention grabber?

    This was hysterical. Well done!

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    Great post. But jokes aside, I tried talking to the commuters on my train platform when I got home as I was used to everyone being so friendly at Couples. They thought I had lost it as no one talks in the morning!

    The other challenge is going out to a restaurant. Our first time out, we got up before the check came and almost left.

    I want to go home...

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    Brilliant!! You really had me hooked there, I was poised to shoot you down in flames!! Great post, I'm still laughing. Serenity you're so right - the addiction cannot be cured, you just have to keep coming back. We'll be home for Christmas, roll on.

    Mad about tennis

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    We got a strong case for a law suit also. Couples stole our hearts, ripped em right out of our chests as we said goodbye.... Need to go back soon to reclaim them - hoping for Jan '12 - yeah! (Hilarious Irishman69, good old Irish craic!).

    Dave & Ali - your Couples kin.

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    248 days until our 6th trip to CTI. We can't wait. Did you forget the Hummus with the sweet potato chips? What about the onion rings and beef patties from the Beach Grill? The amazing dessert tables at the buffet? yep it all catches up with you and even though they the gym, it is difficult to get there.

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    lol, awesome post!

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    very cute and cheeky !

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    What a classic i thought man at first what the heck happenned, Lawsuit? but definately a classic!!!

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    We were there about the same time. Just hope you were not the ding dong wearing a kilt the entire trip. It was cute for the guy for a night, but he should have given it a rest! Glad you enjoyed CTI and will return. We have been to them all and enjoy them all! Can't wait for May to come and we will be back home.
    Jamaica May 2010 052.jpg
    CTI May '09....CSA May '10....CSS Oct '10....CN/CSA May '11
    CTI Oct '11......CN May '12.....CSA Oct '13.....CSS Oct '14
    CN May '15.......CTI Oct '15.....CSA Oct '16......CSS May '17.....CSA Oct '17.....

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    Hi Whitey

    You are confused. The guy wearing the kilt I believe was just finishing off his holidays when we arrived and he is from scotland. Us Irish have more sense lol why cover up when you can get the boat to and air everything in pub lic

    We were there when this american lady !!! was half naked every night and I think she was celebrating Halloween early (her make up) and I also think she thought that the drink was not going to be available the next day.

    We had a brilliant time, already arranging a few bank robberies lol

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    Rofl! I bet you had a couple of repeat guest with their hair on end at the start of your post! Catchy title!

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