Much like our previous stays, we are never disappointed with our trips to CSA. This time we brought my parents for the first time and it looks like they are hooked and will be taking the trip with us every year. My husband and I on the other hand will be taking 2 a year, we just cant stay away.
The flight was a straight flight from BWI and it was fine, no issues. The Couples lounge was great and for the first time in a couple years we FINALLY had an awesome driver. The last few years we have been pretty disappointed in the drivers from the airport because they didnt socialize with the anyone and didnt make the stop half way and we rather enjoy that stop. But this driver was really great and at the "rest stop" is where my dad fell in love with jerk chicken. The problem was everywhere we went the rest of the trip he compared to that first taste and nothing could compare.
Arrival was great, the usual cold towel and champagne that we look so forward to. Our room wasnt ready but it wasnt a big deal, we put our bags in my parents room and just went back later to get our room. Our rooms were perfect, clean, no AC issues, and the room attendants did an amazing job, as they always do. We are very appeciative of their hard work and their kindness everytime we saw them. We stayed in a beachfront suite and my parents had an atrium. Again, both great.
The water was a little rough when we first got there and from what we understood the week before the weather wasnt so great. After our first 2 days it started to get better. The only thing that kind of bothered us is that it took them several days to even attempt to start cleaning it up. We would see them work on cleaning up all the seaweed, shells, etc. for a VERY short time and then just stop. After a few days it got so bad that we had a horrible dead fishy smell on the beach for a whole day or two that was almost intolerable. They finally got a lot of it cleaned up but it really wasnt until the last 3 or 4 days we were there, and we were there for 10 nights. Other than that the beach was great.
The food was great. We felt it was better than last year. I read a review earlier about changing up the breakfast buffet which I have to agree with. Actually we would love to see a little more variety in the menus of all the restaurants. We only ate at Patois for dinner once because the menu was the same the whole time we were there. It was delicious though. We were told they change it every other Thursday, but just wish it was more often. Other than that the food was amazing and I ate WAY too much! I will be doing a lot of running the next few weeks to run it all off! But its so worth it!
The staff at CSA is one of the many reasons we keep going back. We have built some amazing relationships with them and love going back to see them. They really make our trip. We want to say thank you to some that we see year after year that we have grown to love and are still AMAZING: Curt and Eduardo at the Palms, Onique, Cardo at the bamboo bar, Winton at the Aura Lounge bar, Dane at Patois, Nicholas and Skippy with the entertainment staff. We had an amazing Halloween AGAIN, thanks for the costume contest win! The only suggestion would be to maybe have more of the activities like the mummy wrapping contest during the evening show. It would be fun if the evening entertainment staff had stuff that involved the audience more. When we were at Couples Ocho Rios a few years ago and the night entertainment was so much fun! They had stuff like toga wrapping contests, fashion shows, talent contest, etc. We felt the entertainment in the evening at CSA could be a little more entertaining. Cant wait till next year though!
Some new staff that we met that were also amazing and looking forward to see them again: Ricardo and Kevern from the martini bar, Rachelle and Sasha from the Palms. A big thanks to the scuba staff. My husband got certified this year and he absolutely loves those guys... Anthony, Shaggy, Kung Fu Panda, and French. A special thanks to Anthony from my mom for the help and patience with her first time scuba diving. She really appreciated your kindness. Your amazing.
We look will be back in April, counting the days already!!