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    Default Sunstarsmoon July 8, 2011 pro and non professional wedding pics

    I hope these links work! I made the photo's on my facebook public so I am hoping this works. Marcia took over 1300 photos I just kinda took few from each part of the wedding!

    professional photos

    non professional photos

    if they wont work just send me a friend request on facebook Christine Henry-Leppik


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    Amazing pictures, you look so beautiful! I love all the little touches that you did, everything was gorgeous!!

    A few questions for you- What brand were your bridesmaid dresses. That is the EXACT pink I have been looking for! And their necklaces are super cute, where did you find them at?

    Your dress is amazing and I just can't get over how beautiful your pictures are! Congrats to you!
    Becky & Dave
    CSS July 2012 (Wedding @ CSS 7.18.12)
    CN July 2012

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    Congrats to you again! Everything looks soo nice, these pics are great!!! Thanks for sharing

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    Sun! They are georgous!!!!!! You look sooo beautiful! Love the starfish theme, cake topper is pretty and your dress was spectacular!!! Congratulations again!!!!

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    Great Pics!!!

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    Congrats!! Everything was beautiful!

    Where did you get those awesome barefoot sandals!?!?

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    Wow I love how personalized the wedding was! Did you take all the decorations with you (chair ties, starfish etc) or were they "rented" from couples?

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    I bought the starfish necklaces at a flea market and the dresses I think were by alfred angelo.

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    nice pics! :O))) Love your cake!

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    Moochie - I brought the chair sashes and starfish down with me. I upgraded the arch and it came with the fresh flowers on the top..

    Icedcoffee -- I think with all the activity the fish were hiding I never felt them nibbling my toes.

    Stacie - I bought the barefoot sandals for myself and the girls from Etsy and Ebay I can't remember if mine were from Etsy and theirs were from Ebay or the other way around.

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    Love them Christine!!! So happy for you! So many amazing details that made it extra special

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    Thank you for the reply. Last question! Did they set up the decorations for you or did someone in your party do it?

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    Moochie, they set everything up for me. Feel free to ask as many questions as you need. You can email if you like

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    Default pictures

    Hey I couldn't get your link to open, here is my email

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    Great pictures! Congrats.

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    Love the pics! So were the professional pics taken from a resort photographer ? Im trying to see how the resort photographer takes pics cause we are getting married April 2012

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    our professional pictures were taken by an outside photographer Marcia Roberts.

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    I noticed you had a unity sand ceremony. Were you able to bring it back home on the airplane? Did the sand get all mixed up or stay the way it looked in the photos?

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    Quote Originally Posted by alsanders85 View Post
    I noticed you had a unity sand ceremony. Were you able to bring it back home on the airplane? Did the sand get all mixed up or stay the way it looked in the photos?
    Yes it stayed as exactly as how it looked in photos. We put a stopper in the top (sponge) and then duck taped the crap out of it lol. I place it in my carry on and place the carry on under the seat infront of me, and made sure the bag stayed upright. If anything the sand settled a bit but that had nothing to do with transporting back. Oh I almost forgot I also put it back in the box that it came in. Also made sure it stayed upright when it went thru xray.

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