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    Default U.S. marriage license

    Although I've done my research, and it appears that everything would be fine, I did notice that Social Security's website said that U.S. documents are preferred. Has anyone had any issues with changing their name with a Jamaican marriage certificate?
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    I am from Canada and have not had one issue.

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    Your future mother-in-law is wrong.

    The United States and every state therein recognize as valid marriages legally performed in other countries. As long as your marriage is legal in Jamaica (i.e., you are both of marriageable age, neither of you is married to someone else, etc.), it will be recognized and valid in the U.S. There is nothing that you need to do to have your marriage recognized at home.

    Some people have had difficulty changing their names with the temporary (handwritten) marriage certificate provided immediately after the ceremony, but no one has ever reported having difficulty with the marriage certificate that you'll receive a couple/few months later.
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    Be advised that the paperwork you receive at the resort is not your wedding license. Some places will allow you to change your name using that paperwork, others won't. Most federal government offices will not. You will receive your Jamaican wedding license about 8-10 weeks after your return to the US. We got married on 17 Dec 2007 and received our license on 14 Feb 2008. Once you have the official license you won't have any problems anywhere.

    I think your future mother-in-law just wants you to be married at home so all of the family and friends can attend. Just tell her from us that getting married in Jamaica isn't "weird", it's one of the most romantic things you will ever do.

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    Thanks to all of you for the comments! I knew it wouldn't be a problem but just wanted to verify with others.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MikeMonica View Post
    Be advised that the paperwork you receive at the resort is not your wedding license . . . .
    Of course it isn't. The marriage license is issued BEFORE you wed. It is your permit (or license) to wed. The marriage certificate is issued AFTER you marry. The permit merely authorizes the officiant to perform the ceremony, but on its face, it has no legal significance because you could always choose not to go through with the ceremony. In that case, it would simply expire.

    After you wed, the newlyweds and the officiant will sign the license indicating that the ceremony has taken place, and the officiant will then file it with the appropriate parish, which will document your marriage and issue the marriage certificate, which is proof of your marriage.
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    We were married at CSA in May. Once our certificates arrived, I didn't have any troubles changing my name with it! Good luck to you

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