Hi all!

We are getting married 5/5/12 at CTI, just about six months away!! I wanted to reach out to my fellow brides (and/or grooms) and see what types of decorations, favors, or gifts you have used or will be using.

Does anyone have any good ideas for inexpensive wedding invitations? I'm thinking I will print them myself, but I don't want them to look too homemade Where could I buy paper and envelopes online that would be print ready?

We decided on colors- purple and aqua (like the color of the water). My dress is white but I want to have purple and aqua flowers in my hair (probably going to buy artificial so they don't wilt). I wondered if anyone is having decorations for the ceremony- I was thinking a coordinating drape for the arch, fans for the guests on the chairs, and decorations on either side of the isle.

Is anyone bringing items to decorate the cake/champagne table? I know the area won't be very large, but I want everything to match. Candle/trinkets/hanging lanterns?

I'm hoping to upgrade my bouquet from the standard to blue orchids. I found someone else on the message board that had this too- but the blue is aqua to me- fitting in the color scheme.

Also, we don't know for sure how many guests will be coming (~20) and I'm wondering if CTI will allow us to have that large of a party in one of the restaurants. We can afford a reception dinner on our own, so if they won't allow it, us and our guests will just go their separate ways. But if they allow a larger party- should we bring little decorations for the dining tables too?

Last but not least, what about favors for your guests, or even welcome bags to have in their rooms when they arrive? Someone suggested I get tote bags with my and my fiances names and our wedding date on them to act as a favor (anyone know where to get these inexpensively???) and fill the bag with aloe, sunscreen, snacks, and other small travel amenities. I love this idea as a welcome to Jamaica and a thank you for coming gift. Any other suggestions for this idea?

Thank you to everyone who reads this! We still have so much work to do that I'm getting stressed at 6 months out! Any ideas/criticisms/advice you can offer is greatly appreciated!!