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    Default When's the best time to book?

    Hey there! I was curious as when we should book our honeymoon?! Our wedding is June 23, 2012 and so we would leave out on June 24th for our seven day honeymoon to either CSA or CN (still deciding!!). I want to know when is the best time to book as far as pricing goes, room availability, and everything else that goes into vacation/honeymoon planning. Advice?! Thanks in advance!

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    I would say book NOW so that you can get whatever room category you are wanting then to hold off and find out that they are booked up!! We booked March of 2011 for Dec of 2012 so thinking you can never book to early!! Congrats on the wedding and the honeymoon!!

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    Everyone says book EARLY EARLY EARLY, the earlier the better. I'm going late February and booked my trip on October 14th. I didn't book through the hotel directly because they didn't offer the direct flight option, and to book flight and hotel separately would have cost a lot more than through one of the major vacation do-it-yourself options (not sure I"m allowed to say their names on here). I check all the other websites daily because the other couple going w/us hasn't booked yet and now the trip has gone down in price about $400 on one of the other websites :-(

    So I say it's a crap shoot. If it were me, I'd wait until after the new year and see if they start offering resort credits again. I think June is not at all peak season so I'd take the chance on some better offerings coming along than what's out there now. However, having booked my trip, I feel such a sense of relief and really truly something to look forward to because it's finalized, and that's a really good feeling.

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    Default Either realllllly early or at the last minute

    Hi there! We were in the same situation this past year and kept watching the Couplicious Wednesday deals until one came up that was perfect for us. We ended up booking in August for our honeymoon in September. We saved a ton of money and got a double room upgrade that we wouldn't have been able to afford otherwise. And you can sign up to have the Wednesday deals emailed to you every week. I would say just watch the rates and deals being offered and wait until you find the best option. Especially since June is not their busy season, room availability should not be an issue.

    Congrats and have a great trip!!

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    Book the room NOW!!! Last year June was sold out,( not that it felt crowed) because of wedding and honeymoons. If a better price comes just call the 1800 number and they will work it out. Airfare is alway a crap shoot.

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    You can always proceed to book now, watch the deals/rates and if one comes along that is better, you can cancel and rebook without any penalty (up to 45 days of your check-in date). Nothing to lose and everything to gain. Best to you...

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    I think it's important that you know it's UNTRUE that you can cancel and book with no penalty. This very much depends on HOW you book your trip. If you book it through one of the major do-it-yourself websites, you can purchase insurance to allow you to do this, but there is alot of fine print to read and each policy is different in how AND how much they will reimburse you. Even if you book directly through the hotel website, there is a cancellation penalty if done a certain number of days prior to your trip. Do your research so there are no surprises.

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    Book Eary Book Early Book Early and OFTEN as you CAN!!!!

    Whoohoo!!!! have three countdowns going!!!
    Randi & Sherri
    17x CSA repeaters
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    Quote Originally Posted by randi&sherri View Post
    Book Eary Book Early Book Early and OFTEN as you CAN!!!!

    Whoohoo!!!! have three countdowns going!!!
    Nuts I will have to get busy, only have 2 countdowns going.

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