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    Hi All,

    We're going to CN in November and staying in a standard garden room AND getting married there, can't wait!

    I know they have mini bars in all the rooms now and you can fill in the slip to state your preferences. What I would like to know is whether there is any options to have wine in your room?

    I'm not a big spirits drinker and would love to enjoy some vino on our balcony!

    Hope someone can answer, thanks!

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    Wine and sparkling wine were routinely stocked in the mini-refrigerators in the past, but the resort stopped providing these items, in my experience, last year. When we visited this year, they had implemented a new procedure whereby you can request specific items, which are limited to (max. per room in parenthesis):

    Appleton Special (1)*
    Kirov Vodka (1)*
    Newport Gin (1)*
    Teachers Whisky (1)*
    Carib Beer (2)
    Seven-Up (1)
    Ting (1)
    Ginger Ale (1)
    Tonic Water (1)
    Clamato Juice (2)
    Soda Water (2)
    Diet Pepsi (1)
    Pepsi (1)
    Pineapple Juice (2)
    Orange Juice (2)
    Cranberry Juice (2)
    Bottle Water (2)

    *Liquor is a bottle-for-bottle exchange.
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    I believe you get a bottle of red and one of white. We did at CSA & CSS but CN didn't have the mini bars in the garden rooms when we stayed they were added later but I imagine they are the same.
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    Anyone know if there is wine or sparkling wine in the mini bar at CTI? Thanks!

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