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    Default First time from the UK

    Getting excited now and counting down the sleeps until we arrive on December 1st. The weather in the Uk is predicted to be freezing cold and probably snow by then, just wondered what the weather was like at the moment in Jamaica.

    Be Happy

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    Where are you off to Flipflop? My wife and I will be at Sans Souci from 26th November (so looking forward to it!!) until 10th December. If you are also going there then maybe we will catch up with you for a drink or two. Are you a first timer with Couples?

    Johnnie M

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    Hi Yes we are first timers to Jamaica and Couples resorts. We arrive on the 1st for 1 week at Sans Souci and the go to Swept Away for 1 week. We are travelling with another couple and we have all been dreaming of this holiday for what seems like for ever but has actually been 15 month since we booked, can't believe it is nearly here!

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    Hey flipflop. We're from just outside London. But at the moment sitting on our veranda at CSA drinking morning coffee. Weather is fabulous, a consistent 30C in the day and not a spot of rain so far. We'll be back at home enduring the cold by the time you're out here - enjoy.

    Any questions please feel free to ask.

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    hey Johnnie, the wife and I will be at css from dec.1 - dec. 10th, so maybe we should hook up with u2 for a 18 more sleeps......Mike & Nancy from Canada...let us know if you are interested.

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    Hi Pharma girl, sounds like you're having a fab time and hope you enjoy the rest of your trip. Any tips on the restaurants would be good, also just feel free to give any info you wish someone had told you as a newbie from the UK.

    Be happy

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    Why not Mike and Nancy? That sounds like a plan! We shall try out many of the cocktails and provide advice when you get to CSS. ;-) The profile pic of us is really small but I wear glasses and have a scrummy wife. Other than that it's gonna be a matter of chance I guess! One love. JohnnieM

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    that sounds great, we'll keep an eye open for ya !

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