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    Default Monday Night Football

    Hello -

    My husband and I will be at CTI for next Mondays Packer Vikings game. As Packer fans we must watch the game. Go Pack Go! Any suggestions? Will one of the resort bars televise the game? Thanks!

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    Go Pack Go indeed! We will be at CSA for the Thanksgiving game and I am also praying we find a sports bar to watch the boys on!

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    There isn't a television in the bar area, so you'll have to watch the game in either the game room or in your own room.
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    We were at CTI in January for a Packer game and they had it on in the game room. There were alot of Packer fans so the room was full. It was alot of fun. Just let them know you would like to watch the game. No worries!

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    The bars may televise it, and you shoudl be able to get it in you room. I know we usually watched the Packer games as well when we were down there. One year on Sunday night, and one year on Monday night. (We are also avid Packer fans, what else when you live in central WI). We however, curled up in our room together and watched it. I know they do get ESPN, so should be no problem.

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    Great year for Packer fans! Last month, there were a few of us that commandeered the TV at the Sports Complex/Spa at SweptAway to watch the Pack dismantle the St. Louis Rams. That was the only St. Louis game we Wisconsinites were interested in on that particular day... The other one didn't go so well for Wisconsin sports fans.

    Soooo.... yes, it can be done...

    Go - Pack - Go!

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    green and gold 4 eva!!!!

    Go pack go!!!

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    I'm hoping to watch Blackburn Rovers v Sunderland on Saturday 17th March. Do CTI do Sky Sports?

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    While we were staying at CSA in Oct., they closed the Sports Bar on Monday night at 9! Bummer

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    awesome game!

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