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    Default CSA- Great House Verandah / CN- Deluxe Garden - Noisy?

    Hi all,

    My fiance and I have decided on Couples in Negril (still undecided between CN and CSA) for our honeymoon next year. This will be our first time at a Couples, we're so excited! Because we're paying for a wedding as well, we're trying to book as cheap as possible, and have seen some great prices on The only two rooms they offer, however, are the Great House Verandah at CSA, and the Deluxe Garden at CN. I have also been in touch with a travel agent, and she told me that she does not recommend either of those rooms because of the noise factor. She said that the Great House Verandah is right next to the disco, making it loud at night, and the Deluxe Garden is near a road and is very noisy. This is not something I've heard anywhere else, and I've been researching these resorts for weeks!

    I am wondering what others' experiences have been in these rooms.. Is it really that bad?

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