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Thread: Beergirl?

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    Default Beergirl?

    Haven't seen you on the boards in a while. You guys are always there when we are, just wondering if you were going back this year to CN? I know you did a split last time. Hope all is well.

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    Default I'm here!

    Hi Lisa!

    Yes, I'm here, just haven't had much to say. We're arriving at CN on Friday Dec 2nd, and staying until Tuesday the 13th. I was just looking at the meet-up thread, and realized I hadn't put our name in.

    We'll be meeting our Brit friends Jim and Lynda again, for the 6th or 7th time-can't remember which.

    Looks like the gang will be there. I'm thinking of surprising Ken with a flight to the resort, instead of taking the shuttle. He loves to fly, but it's pretty spendy.

    See you on the beach! You know where we'll be - in our usual spot.


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