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    Default private dinner at CSS

    Hi we have been trying for a couple of months to book the private dinner at CSS, We finally got an email yesterday and guess what no lobster on the menu! I emailed back and asked if we could get lobster and they said they would not guarantee lobster because wednesday night is lobster night. We asked for are dinner to be on tuesday night. I would think that would not be a problem. Anyway anyone else out there have the dinner lately and could not get lobster? Just wondering if this is a new policy with couples? We really don't want to pay 170 for steak and seafood kebab. Any input would be great but what a bummer! Diane.

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    Sounds like you are very hard to please. They have 2 menus for private dinners and you must choose one of those. If you need lobster on Tuesday, go into town.
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    Hi Wally no I'm not hard to please, I'm just poutin, crying, and kickin my feet! We are just used to CN and this year we are doing a split CSS first and then CN. We just are not big fans of the buffet nights and thought it would be a nice splurge on the dinner. However I was a little bummed with the two menus. Not that there not good I just wanted something more than steak. You can get steak any night at the restaurants. Its all good we have decided to order room service. OH and I thought about a year ago I saw lobster on the menu for the private dinner, can someone correct me if I'm wrong? Diane

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    Hi Diane,
    When we were at CSS in July and booked a private dinner, I wasn't thrilled with the two menu choices either. So I contacted Guest Services, and received a lovely email from Margaret. I went to the CSS restaurant page and read through the menus at Casanova and selected a personalized menu. Margaret then checked with the chef to see if my choices would be available on that day. I didn't ask for the lobster--I really love their filet of beef, and Margaret let me know within a day or two that the chef would be able to accommodate my menu choices. Maybe you could give this idea a try??

    All the best and have a wonderful trip!

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    Hi Diane, my hubby is a crazy lobster I understand your desire and disappointment.

    We did the private dinner at CN. My take on it is that it is more about the experience than the food. Getting doted on by your own private server, lots of candles and romance.

    I agree with SuzyQ, once you are there you could ask again. They will bend over backward to accommodate requests. I imagine there are some logistics involved though and they simply may not have lobsters on that night.

    I have a great lobster story though. At CSA on lobster night a couple trips ago we sat with a large group of new friends. As the server was taking our app/salad/soup/main course orders my hubby said, "All I want and care about is lobster." So he brought him a lobster tail for each course of the meal, including two for dessert. He was so happy and we all laughed with each course!

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    Thank you everybody we will wait until we arrive and take care of it then. Diane

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    I've never been, can you tell me is the lobster warm water lobster or the more traditional(for us at least) maine lobster(cold water) I am hoping it is the caribean style lobster tail that has no claws.

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    Caribbean lobster Babcock, not Maine
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