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    Anyone experienced room service at CTI ? Since it's fairly new, was wondering if it's comparable to CSS for those who have tried both.

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    Very comparable, though dinner seemed nicer than what we remembered from CSS. They brought up all the courses stacked in the proper order, a tablecloth, candle, rolled silverware, etc. It was really nice.

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    We we at CTI the first week they began room service. It was fantastic! All meals arrived within 30 minutes, full service including water, candles, table cloths and the best thing.....singing waiters!! We had so much fun at CTI!

    The only thing I would say is they need to expand the menu slightly. Some Jerk pork would be a nice addition ;-)

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    Thanks so much for your replies. We will look forward to our CTI visit in 2012 and great room service. Can't imagine it NOT being good, this is Couples were talkin about, ya know!

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