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    Default new years csa

    what is everyone wearing that is going i saw theme is cruise or something like that elegant cruise wear is cocktail dress and men in suit but husband will compromise and wear pant but suit he says too hot... plan is him in khakis and collared shirt.. me in skirt with sparkly top.. please tell me what everyone is wearing i dont want us to be out of place or two casual??

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    You won't be too casual. You will see everything from shorts/tshirts to formal wear. Greg will definitely not be in a suit either! I usually wear somthing similar to what you said. Looking forward to meeting you there. Dari and Greg

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    Default new years eve dress code

    think about have been in swimmers and sun cream all day it is wonderful to get dressed up in
    the evening especially on new years eve and this year we are going cruising.....elegant cruising SO
    come on you Americans show us Brits that you do have style,
    and gentlemen leave you baseball caps in your room.


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