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    Default Proof of marriage CSA

    Hi everyone,

    We'll be going to CSA next weekend for our honeymoon... yay! For the proof of marriage... we don't get our official certificate for a few months, because that's how it works here. So for now all we have is the bottom of our marriage license which we have signed, along with the officiant and witnesses. If I just take a photo-copy of that, is it fine? Don't want to bring the original obviously since it's all we have, and has great sentimental value. Will this be fine? I would hate to be rejected... but I also can't really imagine that happening!

    Can't wait... 8 more days!!!

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    I'm pretty sure that will be fine. Call Couples and verify.

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    We just had our HM at CSA in October -- the copy of the certificate is perfectly fine! Don't forget to sign up for Romance Rewards and have your number handy at check-in!

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