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    Default What's the Friday Chocolate Sunset at CN?

    I know Friday is Lobster Night (YUMM) but I don't remember the Chocolate Sunset at 6 p.m. Can anyone fill me in? Thanks! 12 days til CSA; and 19 days til CN!!

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    On Friday evening (around sunset) they set up a chocolate fountain with assorted fruits and sponge cake for dipping (fondue style). Champagne available also.

    Usually it is set up on the beach deck between the pool bar and the beach grill bar. If it is rainy or too windy (picture melted chocolate blowing all over) they move it up to the piano bar where, on at least one occasion, the chocolate fountain was replaced with a bowl of melted chocolate.

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    Default Oooohhhh the chocolate sunset

    Being a chocoholic yum yumm yum. , I' d forgotten about it but was yummy and nice to giggle with the staff while trying not to dribble choccie. Say hello to Simone for me!
    Do they do something similar a CSS does anyone know? heading there in feb for the first time.

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    The Chocloate Fountain sounds absolutely wonderful. Do they do anything like that at CSA?

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    Nothing like it at CSA, just a special thing at CN !

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