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    Default Still here

    Here it is about 10 in the morning and we are still on dry land. It has been raining since early morning. Waves of heavy rain. It looks as thought the sun is really trying to come out. Life is good.

    Big surprise to see Mona and Rob show up here. We've had fun. Yesterday, some other friends of ours, John and Jackie, also showed up here. The even have the room next door. This following week will be great.

    The addition of the Fiesta boat to take us back and forth to the island, is fantastic. What a pleasure.
    Also ran in to Mellisa of Mellisa and John. She heard someone talking about Richie and birthday and made the connection.

    Six more days, not counting today, to frolic.

    I'm off for frolicing.


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    Hi Richie,

    Fiesta Boat? I hadn't heard of that before. Is this a new boat they have added recently?

    Glad you are having a good time at CTI. We cant wait to return. 58 days to go!


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