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    Default First timers want to fly to from MJB to CN. Book ahead or just show up?

    Our first time to CN in Dec and would like to fly there from MJB. We hope to have just carryon luggage. Don't think the airline company matters from the info on this forum. Should we book ahead or just show up and try to get the quickest/cheapest flight?

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    You can do either.

    To me, the advantage of booking ahead is that they should have a plane waiting for you when you get there. If you just walk up to the counter you run the risk of having to wait for a plane to be fueled, a flight plan filed, etc. In my mind, that scenario could possibly take away some of my beach time! We book in advance if we do it. With TimAir, you don't pay anything until you arrive at MBJ anyway. I'm not sure if that is the case with International Air Link, but I'll be finding out soon enough. I'm planning on reserving a flight with IAL for our December trip.
    Happy & Safe Travels!


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