I couldn't believe my luck when I found in the details a jogging track; lap pool; large gym; vegetarian restaurant; Juice bar and adults only.

I have a few questions about the above which I want to clear up as the hotel is a bit more than we would normally pay but if it really is perfect I will work hard on hubby to persuade him!

1. Is it possible to swim in the lap pool at all times without being jumped on or bumped into by people 'playing'? Ie is it just for laps? And is it safe to go out of the hotel to run elsewhere?

2. Is the jogging track a proper athletics type track? Is is poss to just go round and round on it without getting disturbed by dogs/ pushchairs etc!

3. Is the juice bar fresh juices or smoothies made in blender? Mmmmmm

4. What are the opening times for the gym?

5. Is it possible to have buffet for all meals ( I am quite picky and like to have loads of salad/ veg, normally at a la carte the meals are meat based with a few token greens which is no good for veggies)

6. Is there loads of fruit available at all meals? And is papaya ( my fav but v expensive in the uk) there?

Many thanks for taking the time to answer my questions