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    Default 45 Days and COUNTING....basic questions for January visit

    Well....originally when we booked our trip to CN ( first time visitors by the way ) it was a painful 175 days away. We are now in the home stretch so to speak. Since we have never been before, I have a few simple questions to ya'll "lifers" haha at CN.

    1. What's the weather like in January? I've heard its quit pleasant..roughly mid 80's? Does it rain?

    2. Shuttle ride to the resort: I'm assuming that there are signs posted at MJB saying where to go to get picked up? How is the ride? From what I've read, the shuttle makes a few stops along the way.

    3. Check in times: How does that work? We're due to arrive at MJB at 11am, what time should we expect to arrive at the resort and then in our room......then poolside?

    4. Spa Service: I've booked a couples message for one of the days that we're there. I was wondering if spending the $300 is worth it?

    I think that pretty much does it. Packing wise, I'm good with just swim suits and sandles. Of course I'll have to bring a pair of slacks and button down shirt for the "fancy" dinner. We're both really looking forward to our first trip...hopefully many will follow. We'll be there from Jan.2 through Jan 10....very much needed vacation.

    Thanks, RDM-

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    1. Weather is perfect and yes you may get some liquid sunshine in the afternoon but usually very brief.

    2. Just walk down the hall after clearing customs, you will see the area where the majority of the resorts have meeting areas, look left and you will see the couples lounge. Check in with them have a Red Stripe, soda or water, use the facility and then they will take you to the shuttle bus for your trip. The shuttle will stop if people want it to, we have been lucky and able to get it not to stop, about 20 minutes from the resort for a beverage and potty break. Be warned this is not included and we have found that Red Strip is $5, a little steep. Total time depending on traffic is about 1 1/2 hours. Did not see what day you are arriving, but if you get to the couples lounge within about 30 minutes of your arrival, you could easily be on the beach by 1:30. Customs can get very busy so just know once you have left the couples lounge you have an 1:30 or less till you are at the resort.

    4. We use the credit for massages, and then gift shop. Can't help you on is the spa worth it or not, that is an individual thing. I have to have therapeutic massages at home, so to me it is very worth it.

    Biggest thing is, look at the pictures, that is what you are going to be experiencing. Relax, smile and enjoy the resort and it's employees. They will take care of your wishes mon and once you go you will know.

    3. After they welcome you home, you will have a little paper work to do, while sipping on the champagne they give you and cooling off with a cool wash cloth they bring to you. If you room is available they will take you to it, if not, they will watch your bags and you are free to roam the resort, eat, go to the beach or just relax. They have changing room for you. Don't get excited if they seem a little slow, it is the Caribbean which is slow paced and a smile and patience goes a long way. Enjoy the sights and sounds of the lobby and look around if it does happen, you will be intrigued by what you see.

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    Smroot, thank you so much for your answers. Very helpful information. I'm guessing it's somewhat like the resort we went to in the Dominican Republic ( Melia Caribe Tropical ). Now with a little over 3weeks left to go, we're about to jump out of our skin with excitement! Januaray 2nd can't get here soon enough!


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