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    Still not giving it up... anyone who's ever been there knows which two or three Atrium blocks have the best views. It's no secret; I'm just not giving it up here.
    We're there at the same time. I'll find out your secret! <insert evil laugh>

    LOL...We're in a beachfront suite.

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    We love the atiums. We have stayed by Koi pond and that was our favorite. My husband loves the veranda and specifically the hammock. We have been to Couples resorts 6 times with trips #7 (CSA) and #8 (CTI) booked already.

    Our last trip to CSA in Nov'11 we were disappointed with our atrium, we book them for the hammock and the outside space. We ended up in one of the beachfront suite buildings, most people don't realize that the 3rd room in those buildings are considered Atriums, we didn't anyway. My guess is the resort considers this an upgrade - great ocean front view from the bed with louvers open and you hear the ocean all night, no road noise.

    The problem with these rooms is the balcony faces backwards toward the other buildings and the other balconies behind you and the balcony is really small, not covered, and had one small upright chair. Now, I know I sound like a complainer but remember why I said we book Atriums - hammock and outside space. Luckily, the weather was great all week and we were traveling with 2 other couples, that booked Atruims because we raved about the rooms and they had great veranda/balcony spaces with the hammocks they were expecting. We would sit around in the evenings on one of their balconies.

    We have booked our next trip to CSA but we booked a beachfront suite instead of the atrium, we decided to not chance getting a room with no outdoor space to enjoy. I'm sure we will eventually migrate back to booking atriums, but I really wish Couples would consider this a a seperate category - oceanview atrium, no hammock vs Atrium, with hammock. Otherwise, atriums are the best, and I agree with what others have said, any location (except in the breachfront suite buildings - our opinion only) is great.

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    We just got back on Monday and we were on the first level in room 2117. I cannot say enough good things about the atrium suites, I loved them! The only thing...there was a few MINIMAL black spots on the shower, very small. It is so humid in jamaica, you are going to have small amounts of mold. I hate dirt and I am really OCD about things being clean and it did not really bother me at all. The matress was wonderful! I kept saying to my boyfriend that I wish I could bring the bed home with us. The noise is not bad, we were very close to the road and did not think it was that bad, we loved the noises of the bugs and frogs outside!

    hope this helps!

    Emily (first timer)
    Couples Swept Away (2012)

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