Hi Everybody

Well i have tried but it looks like we will have to shelve plans for a UK Party.

But all is not lost I hope!!.

The difficulty is not just with numbers, there just wasn't the response but also with the financial side of things as i really didn't want to be out of pocket. with paying a deposit.

I do have a reservation for 24 on the 14th April (change of date thought it might help) which will be held till 15th January 2012. but i am not hopeful of getting the numbers.

SO in the first week of January i am going to book a Bateaux London Elite Cruise for my self,
my husband son & his wife on 14th April, we will have our little Couples Party, if anyone wants to come you will know us as we will have a little Jamaican flag on the table (i found them on the net)

If anyone wants details of Bateaux London they are easily found on the web.

I can be found at rowenap@officeclub.co.uk
We will be at CSS first 2 weeks July if any one else is there.