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    At CN are the water sports truly unlimited? Can I water ski every day until my legs collapse?

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    Yes you can. Well, not quite...they are limited to the hours that they are open. (9-12 and 1:30-4) Of course you have to allow others to do it too, so you may have to wait in line to go again. They only have one boat for water skiing.

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    Yes, yes you can. Try the hobie cats and the paddle boats much fun!!

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    They are at CTI so presumably CN will also be unlimited - so go on wear your legs out!!!

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    That's great, thanks for the information. I am sure an hour a day will be more than enough for water skiing, I just was not sure if you could only go once per trip, or if it was so crowded you could not do it. Thanks custer, definitely will check out some sailing after my legs turn to jelly.

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