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    Default Sans Souci or Swept Away

    We stayed at Sans Souci last yeasr and loved it. Great people, great food, greatservice and everything. We wished we could have stayed two weeks. We checked out Tower Isle for a day and it really didn't appeal to us so we were thinking abot the Negril side of the island. We want to go to Jamaica againin April but we can't decide on SS or Swept Away. I know we can't lose either way but we would appreciate input to help us sway our decision. Oh, we might get married while we are there.

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    Absolutely try Swept Away! While we enjoyed our stay at CSS, CSA is totally different and our "home". We were married there in 2004 and have been back 3 times. We won't go anywhere else. You have easy access to seven mile beach and the sunsets are the prettiest on the island. Swept Away rocks, you won't regret it.

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    You might run into the same problem we did. After five trips to CSA all in December, Randy got us with a special to CSS last year in May. This year we could not decide so we have to do both next month! We will be at CSA for a week before going to CSS, looking forward to both places.

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    You'll never know which one you like better until you try. Live life! Mix it up and try CSA.

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    Got married at CSA in May of this year and loved it!! Last night as the wife was looking over some wedding photos she declares, "I want to go back to Jamaica". Well you don't need to twist my arm!! We are going to check out CSS next August. I can't wait to get back to Jamaica.

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    If access to the AN beach is something you want, then you have your answer. We just got back from CN and did a one day changing places to CSA. We found it a little cramped for our tastes and enjoyed the beach much more at CN. If you want to check out the Negril side, you might consider looking at CN.
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    I can't comment on CSA, as we've never been, and I'm sure it's lovely, but if you're thinking of getting married, you may want to check out the options. My husband and I were married in the gazebo at CSS in 2007, and I can't imagine a better location. I know lots of people are keen to be married on the beach, and if that's your position, then CSA is likely a better option. But the privacy of the gazebo, the view, everything was amazing. And FWIW, we had relatives at our wedding who subsequently went to both CSA and CN, and while they preferred those resorts for their vacations for a multitude of reasons, they all expressed the opinion that CSS would have been their choice for a wedding.

    Whatever you do, I'm sure you'll have a lovely time, and congratulations on your potentially impending nuptials.

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    We've been going to Swept Away since the late 90's but after we were married there in 2006 (lovely!) we honeymooned at CSS. We had a beautiful junior suite and the service could not have been better. The location and views are gorgeous. The downside - if you are a beach person, it will not compare to Negril. The waterskiing was harder as the water was more rough on that side of the island. It depends on what you like on a vacation but you can't go wrong at either location.

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    We have done both, CSA first in 2005 and CSS 2nd in 2010. We LOVE CSA and will go there from now on. You won't be disappointed no matter what Couples resort you stayed at, but we very much prefer our hammock in the Atrium suites at CSA

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    Both for us too, got hooked on CSS last Feb. Going to CSA in 1/12 and CSS in 2/12.

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    Our first 2 trips (2004 & 2005) to Couples resorts were to San Souci and we loved it as well,
    however we are beach people and wanted to try a different Couples resort with more of a beach.
    In 2006 we went to Swept Away for the first time and ABSOLUTELY FELL IN LOVE!!!!
    We head back next month for our 10th trip!!! You`ve got to give CSA and Seven Mile beach a try,
    you`ll Love it!!!
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    Thanks for all the replies. We have been to Jamaica and the Carribean a few times but when we went to CSS last year we were blown away. It is a really hard decision, do we try something new that is run by a great organaization like Couples or do we stick to a place we fell in love with? Maybe we do a few days at each resort. Cheers.

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    Have done both and we prefer CSA. Went to CSA first and the next year tried CSS. We love the beach and CSS just did not compare. If you like AN then be aware that CSA does not offer that. The food at both was excellent. The rooms at CSS had a bit more to offer in room service which we loved and mini bars which CSA now offer. we just love to walk the beach at CSA and the atrium suites which we always stay in. You can't go wrong at either. If you can swing doing a split then go for it and if not try CSA this year and see which one you prefer. as others have said many times before you can't go wrong at Couples.

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