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    Default Jamaican Appetizers

    We will be at CSA over Christmas this year but have been invited to Christmas party earlier in December. We have been asked to bring an appetizer & would like to bring a typical Jamaican Appetizer. Does anyone have any ideas.

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    Jamaica is famous for it's jerk chicken. I recommend bringing jerk chicken wings or jerk chicken on skewers.

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    First thing that comes to mind is Jamaican beef patties Mmmm first thing we eat as soon as check in straight to the grill for patties! I think there is a recipe in the archives or you can buy them frozen at your typical warehouse type club store or fresh at a chain called Golden Krust Jamaican Bakery if you have them in your area. MMM MMM MMM LOVE those patties they look like turnovers but are savory meat pies. We also get some at the airport before leaving. Patties gotta have them coming and going! lol A second choice that might be easier to come up with would be jerk chicken wings.
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    deep fried plantain slices.

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    Thank you for all your suggestions. My husband decided to make the Jerk Chicken on skewers.

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