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    Default CSA activity schedule!

    Does anyone have a recent CSA activity schedule? We're heading over there next Friday and would like a glimpse of the daily activities!

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    Hi firewoman_911,
    Today you're doing the "Single digit dance." We'll be there next Saturday and I'm also curious if any changes have been made since the one posted on the Swept Away Inclusions and Activities page. I kind of doubt there are any big changes though. One of the things that may change could be the sports complex class schedule depending on the specialties of week's resident exercise instructor. No matter what the schedule is, we're still looking forward to another awesome week in Paradise, aka CSA!

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    It's on the site -

    Enjoy a few Red Stripes for me! Have a great trip! Luis

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    Why ?.......chill out

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    I think you can get a pretty good idea with this link:

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    The sample on the site is pretty much a great idea of what you can expect. I just looked at ours from October and many activities match up for each day. Some times are different here and there but only by an hour or so. Have fun! Wish we were going then, too!

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    We're at CSA now. You'll get a nice paper schedule of daily / evening events when you check in, and there's a schedule of sports activities across the street. I believe the Cat Cruise goes out every day but Thursday. The best thing to do here is just chill and relax....

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