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    Default Purchasing jewelry @ CSA

    Does anyone know where to buy jewelry in or around CSA? Trying to suprise the wife hopefully with some kind of blue diamond ring or something. Any tips or experience with this would be greatly appreciated!! 40 more days!!!!

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    A few nights a week there is a jeweler that sets up outside of the Palms. I looked at a few of his pieces last week while we were there. He has beautiful jewelry! He has a good assortment in a case, and there is good lighting so you can see what he offers. He has a good reputation. I bought a beautiful Caribbean topaz from him a few years back.

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    the gift shop at Swept Away has some items. i don't recall any blue diamonds. maybe a shop in Times Square may carry them.

    it's all about the kids

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    When we went a few years ago we went on the shopping tour into Negril. The last stop was at a mall type place and in there was a really nice jewelry shop. I got a diamond band there and my husband a nice watch. They had yellow diamonds so I am sure you could probably find blue also.

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    Tropicana Jewelers at the Times Square Mall has some nice jewelry, and they were very helpful when I wanted to buy some one love bracelets. (i wear mine everyday)
    It's just a short cab rid down the beach, you could actually walk as long as you don't mind a long walk. There may be other jewelery stores at Times Square but Tropicana is the only one I remember
    They also have a website, you might be able to inquire ahead of time if they have blue diamonds.

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    In negril we found a great shop in the sunshine villages mall (the shoppng trip only went to times square and a strip mall last time - but it used to go to sunshine village and may reinstate this). If not grab a cab, it is worth it.

    inside sunshine villages there are two jewellry shops - one is run by an Indian couple, but I cant remember the name. It is family run they dont rip you off and you can bargain with them to a degree. From memory you go in to the mall from the car park and this one is straight ahead and then to the right. If you go in from the road (walking) it is straight ahead and again on the right. My friends bought some beautiful blue diamonds so yes, there are plenty to be had.

    You can of course also buy from the vendors at the resorts, but if you fancy shopping this is a tip. I hope it isn't breaking the rules to mention them but we got good service there and they were really nice people.

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    A jeweler was selling beautiful items near the beach party at CSA last night. There was a nice variety and I
    hear he has a good reputation.

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