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Thread: CSS or CTI?

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    Default CSS or CTI?

    Hey guys. My wife and I have never been to a Couples resort but are thinking about going in February 2012. We're thinking about CTI or CSS. I know they're both nice, but how do they compare? Thanks again.

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    We have been to both and we love both CTI and CSS.
    Both have wonderful food, drinks, atmosphere and incredible staff.
    CSS has more pools, more steps to climb (built on a cliffside), a larger property, 2 beaches (main beach and separate AN beach with a wonderful pool, bar, grill, restrooms, hot tub).
    CTI has a really cool art deco-ish vibe, smaller but lush property, a veggie bar with wonderful snacks, a separate AN island with a small pool, bar and they bring lunch over, the island is really cool with private sunning areas, a sandy ocean floor area to access for snorkeling.
    For a first trip, I would choose CSS. But sign up for romance rewards and you can go over and visit CTI for a day while you are there (the resorts are minutes away from one another). We have been to CSS about 7 times I think, CN once and CTI once (but are returning to CTI this Friday!!! Wooooohooooo!

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