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    Default Help me decide!

    So we love love love Jamaica have been twice before and I am now planning out third trip for April
    2012. This will be our first time, however, staying at a couples resort. We have historically stayed
    in Negril and as a result we now have friends in Negril so I was leaning towards Negril. However, I
    have always wanted to visit Ocho Rios as well. I think I may have come up with the prefect
    compromise. Fly into MBJ then take the provided shuttle to either CN or CSA stay there from Sat-Tues. Then fly from Negril to Ocho Rios with Tim Air and stay Tues-Sat at CSS or CTI.

    So here's where I need your help. Help me decide on which resort in Negril and which resort in
    Ocho Rios.

    We are a young couple 32 & 28 who generally like to spend our time by the pool, but really enjoy a
    nice walk on the beach. On my last trip to Jamaica I had the most amazing mango daquiri's and is
    wondering if these are available at this resort.

    We prefer to eat a la carte than buffet. We are wondering if you need reservations for meals.

    We enjoy some good night entertainment or socializing, but also can really just enjoy each other.
    Not so much into shows, but more into live music if available.

    I am quite active and would like to be able to work out while on vacation. I would like to try and get
    my husband to play some tennis with me is possible.

    We aren't into diving so that isn't a factor for us. Neither is au natural sun bathing

    I am also wondering what beer is available at the resort?

    So let me know what you think based on what I gave you. If you have any more questions let me

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    Check into Tim Air before you decide because I believe they only fly into Negril from the airport, but I could be wrong.

    We love CSA as it's the resort that has the most food and bar options, the best sports facility on the island, the longest beach to walk, the most romantic vibe and it just seems like a small village to us. There are 3 pools at CSA with one being busy (the swim up bar one), one over by the Palms restaurant that I barely saw anyone at and the lap pool at the sports complex.

    The beers available at both CN and CSA are draft Red Stripe and Red Stripe Light, Miller Lite in the can, Heineken (Martini Bar at CSA), and Guiness (over at the sports complex/CSA). Nightly entertainment will most likely be a band at both Negril resorts. CSA has a disco.

    Lots of a la carte options at CSA--The Grill, Sea Grapes (lunch), Patois Patio, and for dinner all the restaurants (4 of them, not including the Grill which is open also) are a la carte. So, lots of options.

    I'm sure someone will tell you more about CN. I have never been there, but want to do a day pass the next time we are at CSA. Good luck deciding.

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    I read your posts and hope some others give you input as well, but I picked out our upcoming trip based on very similar preferences. Couples Negril and Sans Souci are our choices. CN has a fabulous pool and a nice beach. CSS has a beautiful rain forest feel and is very private. With the gym and walking around the resort, I always feel more fit when I leave despite having amazing food and drinks. We don't go to sunset beach but have found there is something for everyone to love at CSS. CSA may have the nicest fitness facility, so check it out too. Honestly, just take the time to go through the photos and the resorts will call to you. What u see is what you get plus incredible service, wonderful people and a sense of finding a new home. Good luck with your decision, I know it's a tough one!

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