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    Default Recommendations for Lobster Night

    We'll be arriving at CN on a Friday, which I believe is Lobster night. Assuming it will be too late to get a reservation at Otaheite, which restaurant would you recommend for the lobster dinner? Does each restaurant prepare it differently? Experiences, opinions and recommendations welcome!

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    We just spent the last 2 Fridays there and it was the same lobster tail served at all restaurants both nights. Once at Cassava Terrace, once at Otaheite, both the same preparation.

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    It really doesn't matter where you go for Lobster night. We spent two friday nights there and ate at Lychee and Heliconia. Both excellent! Lobster is mouth watering.

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    I think it's all being prepared in the same place, the same way. My preference is eating at Heliconia, although I've had lobster at all of the restaurants. If you want a slightly different lobster experience, walk down the beach (as you looking at the ocean, turn right) until you're off resort properties and stop at the Office of Nature (looks like a circular open air bar). There you can get a lobster grilled over a fire, basted with garlic butter and served by some friendly locals. $20 each, I believe.

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    Thanks for the replies! Sounds like we can't go wrong.

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