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    Default Info for Flight requirement to/from airport/resort for CN and CSA

    Trying to find out about the requirement for getting to CN and CSA. I saw when trying to book an additional charge for flights to/from resort, but also where there was a bus trip? Just confused on if you have to pay extra just to get to these resorts from Mont Bay Airport or if bus transport is available at same cost as CTI and CSS.

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    Couples provides free shuttle service from MBJ to all their resorts. Couples added the flights to their booking page for those people who want to one stop shop. So if you want to take the 15 minute flight you can book and PAY for it while you are doing your other bookings. Otherwise, just go to their lounge and you will be whisked away in short order to your home at no additional charge other than a tip to red hat and driver if desired.

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    Bus transport is included in your resort price. If you fly, it will cost extra.

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